restoration projects

bought this 50 cc moped-Luna on impulse. i think it was november 2003 at an autojumble (or actually, outside among the more fleamarket-like sellers…).

it looked complete but was of course not. Or lets say: the pieces was there – but in pieces.

the restoration has been very slow and ambition has varied over the years. The goal at this moment is a functioning scooter for “Season Premiere” of the Swedish Scooterclub in Stockholm in may 2006. Then it will still be in it´s original, dented and scratched, orange paint but with the black parts repainted…

the engine now has all new bearings and gaskets, a new piston and some other new parts.

stupidly i had the internal parts of the motor done before examining the exterior. i found out that someone had broken the casing in several places. Luckily i have a friend with a fantasic workshop and a lot of machines so that could be fixed.

this luna has a Dellorto 14/9 carburettor while the larger 14/12 is more common here in sweden.