please use the form below to register your luna – if you own more than one luna, please add the details for one machine at this stage.
your registration will be submitted, you will then receive an email confirmation – then shortly afterwards you will be sent a username & password which will allow you to access the members part of this site, as a member of the luna owners club 
you will then be able to add additional lunas on the ‘update details’ pages. 

please ensure your email address is correct

please note: each luna owner is only allocated ONE membership id number. so if you’ve already registered on this site and just need a reminder of your login details, or if you’re not sure how to register extra lunas, just send us a quick email to:

who can see my info?
only other members will be able to see your details once they have logged in to this site – the general public will not be able to view your info via the internet

what info can they see?
other members of the LOC will be able to see the following details – unless the box is ticked
click the checkbox if you wish to hide a field, – some basic fields (orange boxes) you cannot swith off by ticking

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