greetings fellow luna-tics, i hope that everyone is ok and making good use of what sunshine we seem to get in this country (i can’t account for the weather anywhere else). the past few months have been extremely busy on the luna front and with my book writing. i have spent the best part of a day going through the photo archives at mortons (publishers of scootering & scooterist scene) in horncastle. despite, mine and gill’s best efforts we could not find any luna line photos. we have found 43 lambretta photos that we want to use in my book, the only sticking point being that morton’s want us to cough up £50 each per photo – OUCH!

the isle of wight rally has been and gone and it was good to see the LOC well represented on the island. i had originally planned to go to the event, but work always seems to conspire against me and a couple of forthcoming court cases have seen me frantically working on case material. the good news is that i have been to WS9 scooters in walsall to sort out my lui 50c. and very nice it is too, it will need some work but its a good sound basis for a project and won’t need too much work doing to it.

as some of you will know i had 20 LOC patches printed to celebrate the club and the luna landings 2006. these sold within a week – must admit i was surprised that they went so fast, so thanks to everyone who ordered one. there are a couple still outstanding that i need to send but they will be out soon [i expect they’ve been posted by now, as pete wrote this in early september – sarah]. i have been asked why only 20, well to be honest it was a mix of keeping it a little bit exclusive and also due to the outlay of getting them printed, especially when i need to keep over £2k on one side to pay mortons for the use of pictures. hopefully, those that have their patch or patches (hey jem!) like them.

i recently went on a trip to a secret location in the west midlands where i viewed a guys collection of over 50 lambrettas. whilst there we talked about all things lambretta, including the luna line. seems he turns luna line machines down everytime he’s offered them (and he seems to get offered them for very little money!!). i have asked him to contact his italian contacts to see what accessories or other stuff he can get – so watch this space. he is also going to speak to another contact to see if he can source me some original italian photos for the book (at a price a lot cheaper than £50 each!!).

well, thats all for now, i need to go and salvage TTL 16J (my 1971 vega) from a certain dealers and start working on putting a vespa engine in it – that andy quail has got a lot to answer for.

cheers for now 

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