Tips to maintain your car:

Your car is your companion on most long and short journeys you undertake. And it is like an additional member in the family because you have to take care of your car as one! It needs a lot of care and maintenance, whether you use it often or not. You groom yourself, you groom your pets, then hey, your car needs grooming too! Here are a few tips that you should consider when grooming your vehicle:

Wash the car:
The task which quite a lot are lazy to do! But make it a point to wash your car often. On regular basis dust it or wipe it with a damp cloth, make washing your car properly a once a week ritual. Give it a good wash, dust the interiors, polish the dash and the body of the car too.

Engine oil:
The engine is the heart of your car! So take as much care of it. You need to periodically check the level of engine oil and make sure it’s at an accurate scale. There may be a leak or dip in the oil levels due to the excessive running of the car. Either way, get the oil levels fixed and back to normal. You can change the engine oil every 3500 miles your vehicle runs.

The tyres are the wings of your car. Ensure the tyres are inflated as per the standards and in case of wear and tear, make sure you get the tyre replaced. Also, check the wheel bearings and get them replaced if worn out.

You need to flush out the cooling system annually. And while you do this, make sure you replace the coolant too. The right proportion of coolant and distilled water will keep your system intact and free from corrosion.

Brake fluids:
Other parts of the brake are much more expensive than the brake fluid, which is why it is recommended to change the brake fluid periodically rather than spending a bomb on replacing the entire mechanism.

The battery needs constant inspection too. Battery fluid levels are to be checked from time to time and also check if the cables are intact.

Windows and Mirrors:
The most fragile parts of the car’s exterior, they can be potentially dangerous if not in place. So keep an eye on the mirrors, windows and get them replaced in case of any damage.

The lights of your car are its indicators. If you find any bulbs not functioning, you need to get it changed immediately.

Wiper blades:
What would you do without them in when driving in the pouring rain? Make sure your wiper blades are well-functioning and not broken. You don’t need help replacing the wiper blades as they are easy to fix. Get them fixed on time for a rainy day!

All parts of the car need regular greasing and oiling to keep them functioning well. So make sure you focus on this part too.

Hope these tips help!

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